Sensor Devices

Design and Development the device to monitor the indoor or outdoor environment. Other devices in the same network are controlled by these output values.


Remote Control by WiFi

Design and Development the original LED Lighting controlled via WiFi. These devices are remotely controlled by mobile devices like iPhone, android devices, and mobile PC via the web interface.


Security System

Design and Development the original security device embedded motion sensor, tilt sensor, door sensor and so on. Notice you the emergency when detected the motion by sending the e-mail or calling to your mobile.

Operations on The Web Front Ends

Adoption of the web front ends design, not depend on OS to control the home automation system. Control and operate system devices on various mobiles and PC. If automation system opened and connected to the internet, you can access and control system devices from around the world.  Unified and controlled the configuration of devices, rules of how or when devices works, checking the values from devices output and viewing values transition on the graph on home automation system web front ends.

Web Interface

Synchronize the Multi LED Lights

Interaction with other LED Lighting devices in the same network by assigning the same MQTT topic (Synchronized Control: need to set the home gateway). This function can be conducted not only from the web front ends but also from one of any other LED Lighting devices with rotary encoder operation. Rotary encoder operation on one device will be influenced by all others to be the same status. Added lighting effects: Flash, Snooze and Swing Modes.

Security Call at Emergency Events

Utilizing the SIP VoIP telephony network(Linphone Free VoIP service),  notice the emergency event to your mobile when the tilt sensor embedded in the motion sensor device has been activated. Not only embedded the tilt sensor, but also embedded the IR sensor, the door sensor, and the push button in this device. Combined these output signals with the each command like sending mail, calling to the mobile, and turning on or off the LED lighting device via the gateway device will be available to construct various security systems(against theft and car vandalism, detect a visitor or a raider). You can get the emergency call anytime and anywhere. Demo Movie: flash light and call to the mobile after detecting the response of a sensor.  

Home Gateway

System Core

Installed Music Player to listen to the internet Radio, Free SIP VoIP telephony System Linphone and Automation control System. These operations will be done by IR Remote.

Sensor Devices

Peripheral Devices

Environment Monitoring Device embedded Temp&Humid and Pressure Sensor, Security Device embedded Motion Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Door Sensor and so on. Other devices connected to the same network will be controlled by these output values.

Mosquitto MQTT Broker


Communication between the gateway and other peripheral devices is executed with MQTT protocol, which is open technology and widely adopted for many IoT devices for minimum and reliable data transfer.