Smart Jar Weather Station

Weather Station controlled by microcomputer reads values of temperature & humidity sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor and transfer these data to the gateway by MQTT protocol. As it works in the sleep mode except when data is updated every minute, continuous operation by external battery could be also possible. It could be settled anywhere inside and outside the room by battery operation.

Weather Station Ver2(housing mason jar and metal lid)


SmartJar Weather Station

Settle the temperature&humidity sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor device to indoors and outdoors for use such as temperature and humidity control of air conditioners, taking in the laundry during drying spell, etc. It could be used for prediction of the weather in the future by watching the transition of these values on the graph. Automatically control the air conditioner by using the rule of reading the sensor output value and monitor the indoor environment from the distance to confirm the family members exist.

Registration on WiFi Manager of Web Browser

Registration to WiFi, MQTT network is done from mobile or PC terminal. At the first startup, access the device's WiFi Manager, enter home WiFi access point and password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) and port, MQTT topic.

Network and MQTT Settings on WiFi Manager

The Data Transition of Temp&Humid, Current Data

Main display shows the current values of temp&humid, pressure and altitude. Graph tab display shows data transitions of temp&humid on some weather stations. You can control the other devices based on these values.

Display Temp&Humid, Pressure and Altitude (in Main Tab)

Temp&humid Transition Graph