Home Assistant

Home Assistant working on Pyhton is adopted for the front ends design. It doesn't depend on any OS, so, you can use it on any devices like iPhone, Android mobile, and MAC or Windows PC. The configurations of any rules of how to work and MQTT topic for devices can be operated on the web browser. Home Assistant automation system can extend its function by adopting many scripts.  These scripts enable to control GPIO, implement the shell commands and so on. These comprise all functions need to control and operate the home automation.


Front Ends Design on Mobile


Front Ends Design on PC


Control devices, add the device, set and configure the rules of how to work the devices, confirm the sensors output values, all of these can be done in the web browser. Could be grouped which kind of device or where devices are and grouped devices could be controlled simultaneously.

Automation Rules

Could be set rules of how to work the device, what type of device works, when devices work.  By the combination of these rules,  each device could be worked at any time automatically. For instance, the rule of when detected on the motion sensor value changed could send the e-mail and call to your mobile in real time to notice you the emergency.  


Scripts for Home Assistant automation system enable to implement shell command and control GPIO on hardware directly. Sending the e-mail, calling system and MQTT network communication depend on these plug-ins and works well.