Smart Jar Home Gateway

The core device for automation system

Design and Making the gateway device with card sized computer board like Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi installed the following functions and software.

  • WEB Server(Lighttpd)
  • Router Function
  • Stereo Speaker
  • Home Assistant Home Automation Framework 
  • SIP VoIP Telephony Linphone
  • Mosquitto MQTT Broker
  • LIRC for IR remote control

Also having playing sounds for security and entertainment purposes.


The Gateway Device with Orange Pi PC


Web Frontend

Home automation system called "Home Assistant" installed in the gateway to manage and control the other devices connected to the gateway via WiFi network. The web frontend interface doesn't depend on any Operating Systems, so, it can be used on MAC, Windows, iOS and Android.

Home Assistant for Mobile

Router Function

To connect the gateway to your home router, enabled to direct access to the gateway via wireless from your mobile or PC. The gateway has roles for working as Acess Point to configure the wifi connection to the home network router and DHCP server to be enabled other devices to access via WiFi. If you don't have the connection to the internet, you can establish the home automation system in closed network centred the gateway.

WEB GUI for WiFi Setting

Free VoIP Telephony

Linphone VoIP telephony system installed to the gateway calls to your mobiles, also installed Linphone software, call and registration free. By rules on the gateway you set, enable to call automatically when sensor devices detected incidents or emergency. Controlled and operation by IR remote on the gateway. 


Play Radio Stream

Listen to net radio and play music system installed, this sound playing function is used to notify you when security device detected incidents or emergency. By rules you set, enable to play music at any time(timer function). Control player function by IR remote.