SmartJar Home Automation System

Smart Jar System Components

Gateway device works as the core part of the home automation system, installed web front ends designed by Python, Mosquitto MQTT server and so on. Each peripheral devices in this home automation network are controlled via this core device. 

Gateway and peripheral devices in home automation network


Setting the rules of how and when devices works, it enables to extend the functions on each device. For instance, to detect the motion or tilt sensor values changed, following to notice these incidents by calling or sending the e-mail to your mobile in real time. 

Home Assistant

Web Fronend

Home Automation Web Front ends designed by Python, according to the various plug-ins and setting the rules of how to work on each device, enable to extend the each function of these. 

LED Light

LED Lighting

Lighting devices embedded MCU and controlled via WiFi, interacted with other devices on the same network, could make these possible flash, the timer on/off and synchronous lighting functions.

Weather Station

Weather Station

Sensors device embedded temperature, humidity, pressure sensors and so on. Each data is outputted per one minute. It is possile to settle it at indoor or outdoor by being attached the 12V battery unit.

Home Gateway

Home Gateway

Core Device to control and operate the other devices in the same network. For security system use, to notice the incident or emergency, it is installed VoIP telephony system and music player.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

The ensors device embedded switch radar doppler motion and tilt sensors. Works for trigger device for the security system. Also, works in your car with car battery of 12V. 

MQTT Mosquitto

MQTT Protcol

Communication among each device on the same network is done by MQTT protocol, which is open technology and have minimum and reliable data transferring characteristics.