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Home Assistant Web Interface

Changed the web interface design to "Home Assistant". Much expanded the service and functions to manage the IoT devices to monitor your home environment.

Motion Sensor Device Ver.2

Designed the new sensor device by utilizing the Doppler effect of microwave (Radar sensor). The sensitive range becomes wider than the previous one (PIR sensor device) and can detect the object through the wooden door or the window(max 6m).

Blockchain API QR code payment module

For Prestashop 1.7, Blockchain API payment module. Almost files are brushed up than previous ones.

SmartJar Weather Station Ver.2

Si7021 sensor embedded. Precision Relative Humidity Sensor ± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH High Accuracy Temperature Sensor ±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C

Design and Installed Payment Module

Designed and adopted The Payment Method of Bitcoin via API2 for PrestaSHop1.7.

Get SSL Certification on Ficus Online

Adopted SSL certification all of Ficus Online Site. Http access is redirected to https. All visitors data can be processed more secure on Ficus online site.

Orange Pi ALSA Multi Sound Playback

Orange Pi PC+Armbian Debian Jessie: Maltiple Sound Playback on ALSA. Please check the following contents.

Linphone Transport Setting

On Android version Linphone, TLS setting has not become active. So need to change to other transport settings which of TCP or UDP.

Blog How to install Linphone

How to install Linphone, VoIP free phone on SIP protcol. Android version install and setting.

Added Linphone and MQTT pages

Added Linphone and MQTT page. What is Linphone? Linphone is SIP free IP phone system. MQTT is needed for IoT devices to communicate among devices each other.