Hardware and Software Design

For constructing the home automation system, F9E designed and developed the system core device and the peripheral devices.

The system core device is designd with the single computer board like Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi, in which installed the home automation system and the required open source software to manage and control the system all.

All peripheral devices are embedded MCU having WiFi function to communicate with the system core device in the home wireless network. 

The home automation system has many functions to control devices or monitor and protect your properties: timer function, event scheduler, emergency call or sending e-mail, flash lighting and so on.


Home Automation Frontend


Finished the following projects(part of these are developing).

  • WiFi controlled dimming LED Lighting device 
  • The sensor device embedded the temperature and the humidity and the pressure sensors.
  • Security camera system(optional on the gateway).
  • VoIP Telephony and play sound system for security device. 
  • Web Interface designed with Python(for PC、Android、iOS).
  • Door, window open/close detective sensor device.
  • IR remote device.
  • Pulse Oxymeter
  • Actuator device (developing)


F9E also accepts the following job:
  1. Design and develop the web frontend by Laravel or Symfony PHP framework
  2. WEB and SIP Server installation into the cloud service(Google, Amazon).
  3. Develop the MCU embedded hardware and firmware coding(Arduino, C++).
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I'm a Japanese. Brought up and living in Tokyo. Learned mechanical design and architecture at universities.  Love to watch BBC TV programs. My favorate song is Teresa Teng singing "Ye Lai Xiang". If you have any questions or request, please refer to the Job Request&Inquery page.

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