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Install Angular-Filemanager

2017/05/29  Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, WEB Design

To manage unitarily the configuration files in the computer boards like Raspberry Pi and Orange PI not connected the display, install the file management application Angular-Filemanagement based on AngularJS. Assigned in advance the speci .....

Orange Pi PC ETV8188EU AP+STA Mode

2017/02/16  Orange Pi, LInux

English Version

Orange Pi PCとRealtek製WiFi-USBドングルRTL8188ETV(EU)によるルータとしての利用方法を纏めました。RTL8188ETVは安価なWiFiモジュールですが、2つの独立したインターフェイスによりAP(アクセスポイント .....

Syntax Highlight, Install Code Snippet on CKEditor

2017/01/05  Ubuntu, LInux, WEB Design

     * SyntaxHighlighter
    function foo()
        if (counter <= 10)
        // it works!


ブログなどのCMSに標準装備 .....

How to install the latest release Linphone on desktop environment

2016/12/22  Linphone, LInux, Ubuntu

On Debian or Ubuntu system, not released yet the latest version of Linphone. So I will show you how to install the latest version of Linphone on Ubuntu 16.04 system. Update from Linphone 3.6.1 to 3.9.1.

All you have to do is .....