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OrangePi+RTL8188 Router Vol.2

2019/01/20  Home Automation, LInux, Server, Ubuntu, Orange Pi

RTL8188(ETV/EUS/ES) driver is not activated the concurrent mode on the latest Armbian(4.19.y), so it couldn't be worked the client and the access point modes simultaneously. Under this latest OS version, I will try to make the .....

OpenVPN Server Install

2018/07/15  LInux, Network, Server, Ubuntu

Install the OpenVPN server to access the PC not asigned the global IP address from the external PC. OpenVPN is a full-fe .....

Mosquitto Broker Connection With TLS

2018/01/27  Server, Ubuntu, Security, Orange Pi, LInux

Mosquitto broker which is the agent for MQTT protocol. Under the default use, data transactions are unencrypte .....

Install Xiaomi Redmi 4X Custom ROM

2017/07/09  Android, LInux, Ubuntu

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Unofficial Custom ROM Install

I got the Xiaomi Redmi 4X called as a budget phone, but it is so high-cost effective phone. Readmi 4X has been sold for China version model in China domestic market or .....

Voice Control by Google Assistant

2017/06/03  LInux, Ubuntu, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi

Install Google Assistant to Orange Pi PC equipped ARMv7l CPU to implement the commands such as searching by keyword, confirming time&date, set a timer and so on by voice. There are two important points to install it, 1. Two types .....