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Flexisip + Account Manager on Docker CentOS7

2021/02/14  Android, Docker, Linphone, LInux, Server

Deploy a CentOS7 docker container including the Official Flexisip Server and LAMP Server including Account Manager Web Frontend. LAMP Server and Flexisip S .....

Video Conference System Jitsi on Docker

2020/08/10  Android, Docker, Server, WEB Design

Construct Jitsi which is an open source web conference system on Docker. The conference systems like Zoom and Webex are supplied as free service, althoug in these services, there are some restrictions of time, members and s .....

Linphone User Registry WEB Front-end:Vol.2

2020/05/28  Linphone, Docker, LInux, Server, Ubuntu, WEB Design

The sequel to Vol.1 Create Linphone account manager web front-end based on laravel-auth. Linphone account management model has the major differences from Laravel user management model which are the following: (1) The password table i .....

Linphone User Registry WEB Front-end:Vol.1

2020/05/22  Docker, LInux, Server, Ubuntu, Linphone, WEB Design

Create Linphone user registry web front-end by Laravel. Install the laravel-auth in git project apps into docker php-fpm container, modify these codes and add the new files for meeting the Linphone user auth and database structu .....

Linphone Activate an Account by E-Mail

2020/02/21  Android, Docker, Home Automation, Linphone, LInux, Ubuntu

Embed the Flexisip Account Manager(XMLRPC Server) offered by Belledonne Communications into the SIP telephony system composed of the docker containers I have already introduced. As a result, it enables to register users directly via& .....