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Flexisip + Account Manager on Docker CentOS7

2021/02/14  Android, Docker, Linphone, LInux, Server

Deploy a CentOS7 docker container including the Official Flexisip Server and LAMP Server including Account Manager Web Frontend. LAMP Server and Flexisip S .....

Video Conference System Jitsi on Docker

2020/08/10  Android, Docker, Server, WEB Design

Construct Jitsi which is an open source web conference system on Docker. The conference systems like Zoom and Webex are supplied as free service, althoug in these services, there are some restrictions of time, members and s .....

Linphone Activate an Account by E-Mail

2020/02/21  Android, Docker, Home Automation, Linphone, LInux, Ubuntu

Embed the Flexisip Account Manager(XMLRPC Server) offered by Belledonne Communications into the SIP telephony system composed of the docker containers I have already introduced. As a result, it enables to register users directly via& .....

SIP Server Flexisip Build and Install

2019/07/22  Android, Home Automation, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Server, Linphone

Build and Install SIP Server Flexisip on Ubuntu18.04. VoIP Telephony Systems(050- phone, SNS Messengers and so on) enable us to communicate with .....

Install Xiaomi Redmi 4X Custom ROM

2017/07/09  Android, LInux, Ubuntu

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Unofficial Custom ROM Install

I got the Xiaomi Redmi 4X called as a budget phone, but it is so high-cost effective phone. Readmi 4X has been sold for China version model in China domestic market or .....