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Build and Install Linphone on Armbian (Debian Buster)

2021/05/04  Linphone, LInux, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu

Updated Armbian on Orange Pi PC to the latest version, but Linphone version is still old 3.12, so I decided to build it from the source.

Previously, needed to build from the source of Linphone desktop version, but now Linphon .....

RaspAP on Orange Pi PC+Armbian (Debian Buster)

2021/04/26  LInux, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Network

Install RaspAP Web Frontend in Orange Pi PC converted into the router which is attached RTL8188 USB WiFi dongle activated the AP mode. Fiast of all, for matching the network settings already have been configured, modif .....

UserFrosting:User Registry System

2019/12/06  Linphone, Docker, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Server, LInux, Ubuntu, WEB Design

In the case of offering the application service on the web like the Flexisip introduced previously which is required the user registry, shoud be prepared the web frontend to register users, edit user informations  .....

SIP Server Flexisip Build and Install

2019/07/22  Android, Home Automation, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Server, Linphone

Build and Install SIP Server Flexisip on Ubuntu18.04. VoIP Telephony Systems(050- phone, SNS Messengers and so on) enable us to communicate with .....

OrangePi+RTL8188 Router Vol.2

2019/01/20  Home Automation, LInux, Server, Ubuntu, Orange Pi

RTL8188(ETV/EUS/ES) driver is not activated the concurrent mode on the latest Armbian(4.19.y), so it couldn't be worked the client and the access point modes simultaneously. Under this latest OS version, I will try to make the .....