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OrangePi+RTL8188 Router Vol.2

20/01/2019  Home Automation, LInux, Server, Ubuntu, Orange Pi

RTL8188(ETV/EUS/ES) driver is not activated the concurrent mode on the latest Armbian(4.19.y), so it couldn't be worked the client and the access point modes simultaneously. Under this latest OS version, I will try to make the .....

OpenVPN Server Install

15/07/2018  LInux, Network, Server, Ubuntu

Install the OpenVPN server to access the PC not asigned the global IP address from the external PC. OpenVPN is a full-fe .....

Mosquitto Broker Connection With TLS

27/01/2018  Server, Ubuntu, Security, Orange Pi, LInux

Mosquitto broker which is the agent for MQTT protocol. Under the default use, data transactions are unencrypte .....

Install Xiaomi Redmi 4X Custom ROM

09/07/2017  Android, LInux, Ubuntu

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Unofficial Custom ROM Install

I got the Xiaomi Redmi 4X called as a budget phone, but it is so high-cost effective phone. Readmi 4X has been sold for China version model in China domestic market or .....

Voice Control by Google Assistant

03/06/2017  LInux, Ubuntu, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi

Install Google Assistant to Orange Pi PC equipped ARMv7l CPU to implement the commands such as searching by keyword, confirming time&date, set a timer and so on by voice. There are two important points to install it, 1. Two types .....