This device measures temperature, humidity and pressure. These measured data would be sent to the gateway by MQTT protoco. It could be running on the sleep mode except for the time when published the data every minute, so could be run for long time with the 12V battery module and settled anywhere inside and outside the house.

Weather Station Ver.2

The Sensor Device for Measuring
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure

It would be settled at the arbitrary points of the indoor or outdoor space. By reading the output value from this device, you could forecast the timing for turning on or off the air conditioner, supplying the water for the plant, taking the laundry into the room during drying spell, etc. It could be used for the prediction of the comming weather condition by checking the transition of each value on the graph. 

HASS Data History

Registration on WiFi Manager of Web Browser

Registration to WiFi, MQTT network is done from mobile or PC. At the first startup, you should access the device's WiFi Manager and enter the home WiFi access point, password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) , porta and MQTT topic.


Network and MQTT Settings on WiFi Manager


Checking The Data Transition of Temp & Humid and Current Data

Main display shows the current values of temp & humid, pressure and altitude. Graph tab display shows data transitions of temp & humid on some weather stations. You can control the other devices based on these values.


Display Temp&Humid, Pressure and Altitude


Display The Weather Data Provided By The Third Party