Taking the each output value of the contact switch, the tilt sensor and the radar doppler motion sensor in the home automation system rules, it makes possible to execute a sequence of actions with the other devices or the functions of sending E-Mail and making a call. You could set not only one value, but also the combination of values for the condition of the rules. It could be also settled in the car with a car battery (12V) and used it as the theft prevention device.

Motion Sensor Device

Motion Sensor Device

Embedded multi-sensors in this device such as a tilt sensor, a motion sensor(radar doppler sensor) and a tact switch. A customised model could be enabled which sensors you would like to embed. For the security use, for example, it could be used for detecting the intruder in your house, notifying visitors and preventing the mischief in your car. It could be settled through over the wooden door and glass windows.

HASS Motion History
Resistration on WiFi Manager of Web Browser

Registration to WiFi, MQTT network is done from mobile or PC. At the first startup, you should access the device's WiFi Manager and enter the home WiFi access point, password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) , port and MQTT topic.


Network and MQTT Settings on WiFi Manager


Confirming Each Sensor Status

Check the status of the sensor devices or the emergency event status triggered by the automation rules.


Display Motion Sensors and Automations Status