Monitoring Data from Remote. Cooperate with Home Automation System.

The device measuring heart rate, body temperature and SpO2. Each data is sent to the home automation system and monitored these data from remote to check users status. This device enables to cooperate with the other devices or the functions in the home automation system according to the home automation rules. For instance, when detected the exceptional value of SpO2 was under 93%, notify the emergency by making a call to the registered users having the SIP address (Various rules which you want will be enabled).

  • Multi Users(ID) : 10-ID, button push once for increment ID, double click for resetting ID back to 1.
  • WiFI Manager : For setting the network and MQTT Topic. Enable to change the access point mode by keeping push the button long. 
  • Deep Sleep Mode : After 60 seconds, enter the sleep mode(wake up by pushing the button).
  • Power:AC100V/DC12V
  • Measuring Data : Body Temp, Ambient, SpO2 and Heart Rate



Health Check Device(Pulse Oximeter)


Measuring Body Temp, SpO2, and Heart Rate


Health Check Device
SpO2, Heart Rate, Body Temp

Deal with multi IDs. 10-ID should be shared among users, or should be used properly as ID of the time range for one user. You could check the each value or the data transition of the each user on the graph and set the home automation rules of sending E-Mail, making a call to SIP users, flashing the LED light and so on, when the exceptional data was sent.

WiFi Manager on the web browser for registration

The registration for WiFi and MQTT network settings will be done from mobile or PC. At the first startup, You should access the device's WiFi Manager and enter your WiFi access point, password, MQTT broker address (gateway address), port number, and MQTT topic. You can enter the accecc point mode by pushing the button long and release it and change these settings.


Network and MQTT Settings on WiFi Manager


Confirm The User Status

Check and confirm the data got from users from remote. You can set automation rules under this system.


 Each of user ID data is displayed on the mobile device


Development Process(Japanese only)

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