Home Automation System

The gateway device in which installed the home automation system by Python, Mosquitto MQTT server and the other required software works as the crucial part in the home automation network. Each peripheral devices in this network is controlled via this gateway. The peripheral devices are categorized the followings: the measuring device, the detecting device, the lighting device and the actuator device. The gateway enables to add the VoIP system and the security camera as optional.



The gateway and the peripheral devices in the home network


Set the rules of how each device works or when each device is activated and combine with these rules each other, it enables to extend the home automation function. For instance, detecting the value changed on the motion sensor device, following to notice this event by calling or sending the e-mail to your mobile in real time. 

MQTT Protocol

The communication between the gateway and the other peripheral devices is executed with MQTT protocol, which is open technology and widely adopted for many IoT devices as the method transferring minimum and reliable data. This system has been installed Mosquitto as MQTT Server.

The Devices and The System


Home gateway

The Core Device to control and manage the peripheral devices in the home automation network. For notification of emergency event as the security system, installed VoIP telephony App and music player.

Home Gateway

Motion Sensor

motion sensor

The detecting sensor device embedded the radar doppler motion sensor and the tilt sensor. It is used for triggering the automation rules for security. It  also works with the 12V car battery in your car.

Motion Sensor

Pulse Oximeter

health check

The device measuring heart rate, body temperature and SpO2. Each data is sent to the home gateway and monitored these from remote to check users status. If the value is judged as emergency, an automation rule will be activated.

Pulse Oxymeter


Home Assistant

Home Automation Framework by Python. Functional extension will be enabled by a script. You can manage and control the device on your mobile or PC display from remote.

Home Assistant

LED Spot Type

LED lighting

The smart LED Lighting device. It interacts with the other devices and changes lighting modes: dimming, flash, timer on/off and so on. Multi LED devices controlled synchronously by sharing the same MQTT topic.

LED Lighting

Weather Station

weather station

The sensor device measuring temp, humidity, and pressure. Each data is published to the gateway per 1 minute. It is possile to set it anywhere indoors or outdoors with the 12V battery unit.

Weather Station