Design & Develop The New Hardware

Planning, designing and manufacturing of various devices equipped with MCU (circuit, mechanism, coding)

Home Sensing

Home sensing

Designed and manufactured various sensor units for monitoring the indoor environment. IR remote control compatible devices such as air conditioners and other network compatible devices are controlled by referring to these sensor output values.

Home Sensing

Remote Control

remote control

Originally designed and manufactured network-compatible LED lighting devices. The web front-end interface allows you to remotely control each device from mobiles such as Android, iOS, and PC.

Remote Control


security system

By linking a device equipped with a motion sensor, etc., which was originally designed and manufactured, cooperate with a Linphone and Mail system, it is possible to immediately notify an emergency event of a resident.

Security System

Innovating The Open Source Software

Customized design of various server (MQTT, HTTP, SQL) software, VoIP system, etc. by Linux open source

Home Automation System
Home Assistant

With the adoption of web front-end design, the installation of this system does not depend on any OS. It can be installed on various devices from mobile devices such as Android and iOS to Windows desktop PCs, and if you can access the Internet, you can remotely control it from anywhere in the world. It centrally manages various automation rule settings (timer settings, setting conditions based on sensor values ​​and changes), device settings and status confirmation, graph for sensor output and ON/OFF history, and grouping devices.


MQTT Server

The communication between the gateway and the other peripheral devices is executed with MQTT protocol, which is open technology and widely adopted for many IoT devices as the method transferring minimum and reliable data. This system has been installed Mosquitto as MQTT Server.


SIP Server : VoIP Telephony System
Flexisip (Linphone), FreeSWITCH

Arrangements of the VoIP telephony system : Flexisip(Linphone), FreeSWITCH both is identified as the opensource SIP server, for the warning of the emergency event or the notification of the devcice status.